About Us

CoddyKit is an artificial intelligence powered e-learning portal designed to teach programming to anyone over the age of 5.

Come on, meet our cute panda Coddy

Coddy will create the most suitable courses for you according to your age group, interest, and experience. And it will guide you.

Do you want to develop a game, or do you want to make an Android or iOS mobile application?
Just tell Coddy your requests and Coddy will plan it for you and provide you with the Learning Kit. In this Learning kit, you will be the most suitable courses according to your experience, and you will receive training interactively.

Do you have any questions during the training?
Just ask Coddy this, Coddy will do his best to make you a good software developer. After completing the courses, you will be able to take the course exam, and if you are successful, you will also receive a verified CoddyKit certificate.

We have courses for three groups, Junior (5 - 7 ages), Midlevel (8 - 13), and Senior (14+).

You can take these courses according to the age group either for yourself, for your child, or your students.

CoddyKit teaches the basics of software development and many modern programming languages ​​such as Javascript, Java, Kotlin, C #, Swift, or Python. You can access the list of courses in the courses section. Or you can go to the Play page and talk to Coddy to find the most suitable courses for you.

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