CoddyKit, Through a Parent's Eyes

16 September 2021
CoddyKit, Through a Parent's Eyes

CoddyKit is the e-learning portal that makes learning coding enjoyable for your children.

Thanks to its structure powered by artificial intelligence, we plan the most appropriate education for your children.

Also, when your children use CoddyKit, we send you all activities from course progress to success status as a notification. In this way, you can easily monitor your children's progress.

You can follow the development of your children instantly by accessing your panel via our applications that you can download from App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery or via

While CoddyKit teaches your children algorithms in a pleasant way by developing games with ScratchJr developed by MIT University for children aged 5-7 (Junior), besides Scratch for 8-13 year-olds (Midlevel), many modern software languages ​​such as Javascript, Python, C#, and Java. It includes training that will enable us to make real applications.

CoddyKit also helps school lessons with additional natural sciences information.

Let's imagine we are making a game with apples falling from the tree. By the way, wouldn't it be a good thing to get information about Newton's law of universal gravitation?

You can now learn more about CoddyKit by browsing the video above.

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